Who should attend? Is there a minimum age?

The conference is open to women and young ladies who want to learn skills necessary to having a home-based apparel business or a small commercial line, or who simply want a peek into what it takes to run a clothing line. We ask that attendees be at least 16 years old, and we require a parent/guardian’s permission in the form of a  signed waiver (see registration page) for all attendees under the age of 18.

How does the lodging with host families work? With whom will I be staying?

The participating families belong to the Church at Pflugerville, which meets at the farm where the conference is held and is attended by some of the conference organizers. Many of these families live in the immediate neighborhood, and they can pick you up from the farm, or if you are coming by car, your host can be contacted for directions. We are not charging for this service, as the hosts are donating the space, but we encourage you to bring a hostess gift as a way of expressing gratitude.

I need a ride to and from the airport. Can you help with that?

Certainly. Arrangements for airport pickup can be made by contacting Lia Rodriguez (lia@modestfashionguild.org). She is coordinating transportation for our speakers and she will be glad to add you to the pickup list. Try not to schedule a 2am flight, though! 🙂


Have a different question? Please contact Lia Rodriguez at lia@modestfashionguild.org for more information.