Modest Fashion Guild is a learning space for aspiring and up-and-coming designers. If fashion is part of your calling in life, we want to help you thrive!

Modest Fashion Guild is an organization dedicated to helping seamstresses and designers promote modesty in the clothing industry. We strive to provide an alternative to fashion school–a place where women can learn about clothing design without having to compromise their values. We aim to create the same networking opportunities that would be available on a college campus, by inviting established designers and manufacturers to speak to conference attendees. Throughout the year, we hope to keep participants engaged through design challenges that sharpen skills and emphasize service. In future years, we plan to host an annual design contest.

Why is it called a “guild”? Is it a membership organization? No, Modest Fashion Guild does not have members in the typical sense. We are simply a community of people united by a common goal–producing clothing that is beautiful, where modesty isn’t an afterthought (at best) and neither is quality of design.